As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, Organizers for Charity is here to help you get your dinner organized! Our members have joined together to share their time saving and stress relieving tips for creating an organized and successful Thanksgiving dinner celebration. Check out Natasha’s, Amy’s, Kelly’s, Joanna’s, Julie’s Theresa’s, and Beth’s advice that will help you enjoy the moment with your family rather than having a melt down over a burnt gravy.

California Professional Organizer, Natasha Rickert of Energy to Organize:


  •  “Guests enjoy helping the host. Allow them to do simple tasks such as opening wine or adding extra chairs around the table. This will free you up to focus on the more pressing matters such as making gravy, or checking the turkey.”

Illinois Professional Organizer, Amy Trager Certified Professional Organizer®:

  • “When serving buffet style, my mom would always set the serving platters and bowls out a day or two ahead of time with little notes on each of what dish would be served in each. It accounted for what she was making and what others were bringing. This made sure there was room for all the dishes, as well as stood for a reminder if something was missing at serving time – maybe it was forgotten in the fridge or oven!”

Florida Professional Organizer, Kelly Barber of MeIn

thanksgiving decorations

  • “Tablescapes are very popular for your holiday feast. Since there is no food  reparation involved, I suggest getting your linens and your glassware and other tabletop decorations ready to go the weekend before Thanksgiving. Go ahead and iron your tablecloth and napkins. Clean you stemware/glassware and polish your silverware. If your serving dishes are a little dusty, now is the time to pull those out as well and clean them up.”

Colorado Professional Organizer, Joanna Monahan of Major Mom:

  • “Don’t delay – start menu planning today! You don’t want to drive all over town looking for that one vital ingredient the morning of Thanksgiving. Allow ample time for your turkey to thaw. Many Thanksgiving meals are delayed due to the added time necessary for cooked a partially thawed turkey.”
  • “Create a special box for extra family photos, and allow family members to look through them, choosing the ones they want.  The next holiday, other family members may have pictures to donate to the box.  This is an especially nice way for younger generations to learn family history.”

Colorado Professional Organizer, Julie Gutman of Simplify Me: 

“Make lists of everything you can think of that needs to be done in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner. Such lists include:

  • Dish list – who brings what and what needs to be made by you (having everyone bring something takes some of the pressure off of you)
  • Grocery list – all the ingredients to the dishes you are making with proper amounts for the number of guests (don’t forget the wine…you’ll need it)
  • Shopping list – what non-food items need to be purchased and their quantities (paper products, decorations, silly turkey hats)”

Ohio Professional Organizer, Theresa Finnigin of Ready Aim Organize:

  • Leftovers are often the best part of Thanksgiving dinner so make sure you have enough plastic ware to send your guests home with leftovers or to fill and stock your freezer. Plan ahead!”

Oregon Professional Organizer, Beth Giles of NW Organizing Solutions:


  • “Thanksgiving is a time to take stock of what we have and be thankful. It is also a  ood time to consider items you don’t need or use that someone else might be very grateful for. Donating these items to your favorite charity can benefit you and help others have a thankful holiday as well.”



.. and last but not least, enjoy and be thankful for this time spent with family and friends!


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