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Getting organized and need someone to pick up your unwanted items? Check out these local charities and schedule a free donation pick up today. Also, scroll down to find Professional Organizers in your area! [/textblock]

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The Vietnam Veterans of America is an organization committed to serving all Veterans. By donating used clothes, shoes, appliances, and other household items, you help generate funds to take care of the soldiers and service men and women who help keep America safe from harm.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Clothing, Toys, Books, Appliances, Tools, Household Goods and More!

Donate Today! Schedule a free donation pickup with Vietnam Veterans of America


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habitatlogoHABITAT FOR HUMANITY of Portland

Habitat for Humanity believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. Habitat for Humanity builds and repairs houses all over the world using volunteer labor and material donations.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Building Materials, Books, Appliances, Tools, Household Goods, And More!

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup with Habitat for Humanity of Portland

Or Call (503) 283-6247

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sealCheck out these Professional Organizers who are committed to donating to Charities in your City!

If you need a little help getting organized, check out our members in the Portland area who are happy to use their skills and knowledge to get your life back in order.

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Anne Blumer

Portland, OR | SolutionsForYou, Inc. 

Hi, I’m Anne Blumer, Certified Professional Organizer® and I’m the founder of SolutionsForYou, Inc, established in 2003. I provide organizing services and coaching to professionals, individuals and families in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area. Are you feeling out of control and overwhelmed? I will provide you with expert guidance, support and systems that will transform you and your environment. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3… Call or e-mail me, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

contact | (503) 246-0710 | facebook[/textblock]

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Penelope Rose Miller

Portland, OR | Organize Me Penelope

I am interested in changing all of my clients lives for the better. Coaching them to make decisions in the moment and to see all the places they are at choice in their lives. Penelope proudly serves Portland, Beaverton and Tigard.

contact | (503) 807-4687 | facebook[/textblock]

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Elizabeth Alter

Beaverton, OR | Organizit

Professional organizing, business consulting and project management services for home and business clients in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Elizabeth Alter has a talent for creating “efficiency in flow”. More time, money, peace, joy, and comfort bring about success and a higher quality of life.

contact | (503) 639-2323 | facebook[/textblock]

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Beth Giles

Portland, OR | NW Organizing Solutions

We help you bring order back to your home or office space and provide solutions to help you stay organized. Beth serves both the Portland Metro area and the Vancouver, WA area.


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Jill Viglione

Portland, OR | Embrace Your Space Organizing & Design

When I work with an individual or family, it is my goal to help them find the right balance in their home by simplifying their space and creating an organized environment that is both beautiful and functional. I provide support and encouragement throughout the organizing process as well as a step by step approach which empowers individuals so they not only see immediate results, but can manage the process in the future. My philosophy centers around three basic beliefs: Surround yourself by things that you love, Design your space to reflect who you are, and Embrace the space that you are in. For a free consultation, please call 503.310.3555. Jill proudly serves; Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville, OR and Vancouver, WA.

contact | (503) 310-3555 [/textblock]

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Mark Nedleman

Portland, OR | Graceful Space Organizing Services

I have been organizing homes for busy individuals and families for nearly 16 years. Working with many clients, I support their efforts to add grace to their cluttered space(s)! Additionally, I ensure most or all of their unwanted belongings go to community organizations. Mark proudly serves Portland, OR as well as Vancouver, WA.

contact | (503) 803-2768 | facebook[/textblock]

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Erica Herker

Beaverton, OR | Erica Organizes

 Erica is a NAPO affiliated Professional Organizer with a Life Transitions Specialty. She helps clients with general decluttering, downsizing, packing for a move, unpacking after a move, navigating family additions and losses. Erica helps clients focus on finding solutions that work for their individual needs, one size doesn’t fit all. In addition to helping her clients find the right homes for their items, she volunteers with several local charities and organizations. Erica proudly serves Portland Metro and surrounding suburbs.

contact | (515) 238-8198 | facebook


Why get organized?

From the lush forests to the winding creeks and rivers Portland is filled with natural beauty. When we donate our unwanted household items, we are helping to preserve our natural resources as well as help those in need. These charities need our support. All across Oregon these inspiring charities are striving to make a difference. All you Portland and surrounding cities residents are invited to make a positive impact on your own community simply by doing a bit of organizing and getting rid of those unnecessary household items that are cluttered around your house.

Its time to get organized! Do you really need all those extra shoes you never wear or those books that are just collecting dust? Your local Portland charities can put all of your unwanted items to good use. Schedule a free donation pickup with a local charity that inspires you, and they will pick up your items at a time that is convenient for you.

This organization was built on the foundation of a small community and our members understand the importance of working together and helping others. From even just one community working together, Organizers for Charity helps to drive support for local non-profits and their inspiring causes.

If you need a little help getting organized, check out our members in and near Portland who are happy to use their skills and knowledge to get your life back in order. Each and every one of these professional organizers is also dedicated to donating household items and showing support for these local Oregon charities. Also take a look at our Blog for great organizing tricks and tips as well as inspiring stories about your local charities. And most importantly, donate your unwanted items today!

Live outside of the City of Portland? Not to worry; many of these charities pick up in Gladstone, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Lake Oswego and other surrounding Portland cities!

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