As we all know, life is full of twists and turns and can often be quite unpredictable. Between family, work, friends and house work, our daily lives can become a bit chaotic. It’s all about having a little balance in life. Here’s 5 of my favorite organizing tips that will promote balance and make your life easier:



1. Use containers, baskets and jars to organize the kitchen. Having clearly labeled and neatly organized kitchen items can help save time and give you a much needed extra five minutes in your busy morning.

2. Organize small bathroom items. Use jars and containers to organize small items such as q-tips, cotton balls, makeup brushes and more.


3. Edit your closet. In the warmer months, storing those winter jackets and accessories means less time spent searching through a stuffed closet.

4. Organize your “junk drawer”. Use an office desk organizer to neatly store pens, scissors, rubber bands, and what ever else that may be accumulating in there. Throw out old pens and markers that don’t work anymore too.

5. Use this sweet idea for simplifying your linen closet. Reuse colorful ribbons to tie sheet sets together so you are no longer searching for matching sheets and pillow cases.

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