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Getting organized and need someone to pick up your unwanted items? Check out these local charities and schedule a free donation pick up today. Also, scroll down to find Professional Organizers in your area! [/textblock]

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Open Books Logo1Open Books

This Chicago organization is dedicated to providing community programs and promoting literacy in Chicago and beyond. Open Books offers signature literacy programs for students in the Chicago area.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Fiction Books, Nonfiction Books, Children’s Books, Encyclopedias, Text Books, and More!

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup in the Chicago area with Open Books

open-books.org | facebook[/textblock]

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The Vietnam Veterans of America is an organization committed to serving all Veterans. By donating used clothes, shoes, appliances, and other household items, you help generate funds to take care of the soldiers and service men and women who help keep America safe from harm.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Clothing, Shoes, Small Furniture Items and More!

Donate Today! Schedule a free donation pickup with Vietnam Veterans of America

charitypickupservice.com | facebook[/textblock]


sealCheck out these Professional Organizers who are committed to donating to Charities in your City!

If you need a little help getting organized, check out our members in the Chicago area who are happy to use their skills and knowledge to get your life back in order.

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Amy Trager

Chicago, IL | Amy Trager, Certified Professional Organizer®

Amy and her team strive to guide you through the stress of your stuff by making customized spaces work for you and not against you. Amy proudly serves the Greater Chicagoland area.

contact | (773) 384-0633 | facebook[/textblock]

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Erin Kelly 

Chicago, IL | Arranged By Erin

I specialize in home and office organizing. With over 9 years of professional organizing experience, Erin proudly operates in the Chicago and surrounding suburbs.


contact | (773) 490-3760 | facebook[/textblock]

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Patricia Marie Kelly

Algonquin, IL | Marie Kelly Unlimited

Patricia is a NAPO Professional Organizing Expert specializing in Residential Organizing assistance for the everyday client, as well as those with Chronic Dis-organizational Challenges. She serves the Chicago Northwest Suburbs.

contact | (847) 909-7351 | facebook


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Terri Albert

Chicago, IL | The Chicago Organizer

If you want a “roll-up-your-sleeves” make-it-happen organizer, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll work with the owner and see overwhelming projects get tackled until completion. Terri proudly serves the Chicagoland area.

contact | (773) 401-9572 | facebook


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Jane Carroo

Inverness, IL | Organizing Coach Co.

Jane’s mission is to help people get and stay organized. She is committed to reusing or sharing resources with people who can benefit. She is a Certified Professional Organizer, Transition Specialist, Move Manager and Life Coach working for you! Jane proudly serves Chicago.

contact | (847) 776-8717 | facebook[/textblock]

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Vicki Burger

Lake Zurich, IL | Spiff

Vicki is passionate about helping her clients organize their spaces to create room for their “next adventure”. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Certified Life Coach, and Move Manager. Vicki proudly serves Chicago Northwest Suburb

contact | (847) 309-0132 | facebook | twitter


Why get organized?

Did you know that by doing a bit of home organizing, you can provide much needed support for your Chicago communities? When you organize your home, you end up with stuff you don’t need. By donating those unwanted household items you can help these local charities continue their inspiring causes. Those extra shoes, sweaters, books, toys, and other household items can make a great impact on the lives’ of those in need. Helping others can be so rewarding. It is so easy to do your part for the community by donating your unwanted items.

These local charities make it so easy for you to donate. They will pick up your donated items for free from your Chicago home and on a day that is convenient for you. Our local Chicago charities all support causes that are close to our hearts and we urge you to show your support and help those around you. It is so important to come together as a community to show that those in need are not alone.

You are also helping to protect our natural environment when you donate those unwanted items rather than adding them to our landfills. We urge you to let these items be reused and put them to good use. In order to protect our ecosystem for generations to come, we must start now and take these small steps towards conservation. It is so important not to take our clear waters, colorful flowers and life giving forests for granted. Our entire planet has been affected by pollution and over consumption; however we can still do this small part to try to reverse these negative consequences.

Start by doing a little organizing around your home. Many of those items that just lay around can be put to good use elsewhere and provide support for local Chicago Charities. If you need a little help getting organized, look to one of these talented local professional organizers. They are happy to use their skills and knowledge to help you get your life back in order.

Also check out our blog for great organizing tricks and tips from our members as well as inspiring stories about your local charities in Chicago and surrounding cities. And most importantly, donate your unwanted household items today!

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