With fall in full affect, we all know that winter and the holiday season are right around the corner. To help you get prepared, here are a few organizing tips straight from our fabulous members!

Anne-Blumer-Professional-Organizer Julie-Gutman-Professional-Organizer Beth-Giles-professional-organizer Natasha-Rickert-Professional-Organizer

Check out these successful organizing tricks from Anne, Julie, Beth and Natasha!

  • “Write a list of everyone you want to give a gift to and decide your budget for each person. Obtain a VISA debit card with a limit of your gift budget. Once it is empty your shopping is over. Or, make an agreement with those on your gift list to eliminate that practice this year and donate your time, money or possessions to a charity.” Anne Blumer, Solutions for You Inc.
  • “Go through the wrapping paper, decorations, lights and cards to see what you have on hand. Test the lights. Make a list of things that you need to buy or replace.” – Julie Gutman, Simplify Me, LLC
  • “Keep your decorating simple. You don’t have to decorate as
    if it was a show home. Remember it’s the people that are important not the decorations. As you unpack the decorations, sort and purge those that you haven’t used in years or those that don’t look as good as they used to. Showcase your best.” – Beth Giles, NW Organizing Solutions
  • “It’s easy to be inundated over the holidays with so many invitations for dinners, events, parties and performances. Collect all your invites and select the most important things you want to attend, and pass on the others.” Natasha Rickert, Energy to Organize
  • “Give yourself a gift and spend one day pampering you. No kids, spouse, or pets to care for…just you! You’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time!” – Anne BlumerSolutions for You Inc.




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