The easiest way to give back to your community is by getting rid of clutter and donating your unwanted items. Today I would like to share a bit about some of our favorite organizations who need your support! From non-profits who support children and families in need to those who support Veterans, homeless and animals in need – our online community has been a support system for connecting users with local charities in need of donations. We strive to reallocate our community’s unwanted belongings into the many organizations in need of such items.

Among many other organizations across the United State, today I will share just a few inspiring charities who will gladly pick up your unwanted household items for free and put those items to good use. Also take a look at some of our own member’s experiences with donating to these great charities!

Vietnam Veterans of America –


The Vietnam Veterans of America is an incredible organization who are dedicated to serving all veterans – past, present and future! By donating your used clothing, toys, shoes, appliances and other household items through their donation pick up program, Pick Up Please, you are helping to generate funds to support our soldiers. The VVA works to fulfill a broad spectrum of our veteran’s needs. From assistance with finding a home to relocation and health programs, the VVA is there for our veterans in any circumstance of their lives. If you have unneeded items that you are looking to give to a good cause, schedule a pick up today and help support our veterans!

  • “I personally donate to Vietnam Vets because they come to my house!  They call about every 6 weeks and arrange a pick up day. I put the donations on the porch. They pick up and leave me a receipt.  Couldn’t be easier or more reliable.”  –Angela Loveless of Actually Organized by Angela
  • “I have been donating to the Vietnam Veterans of America for many years. I also often suggest VVA as a resource for clients. Why? They pick up items at your house! This makes purging your unwanted items so easy because they come to you. You don’t even need to be home but can leave your items out on a porch or by your front door.” – Elizabeth Goodsell of That’s Neat! Organizing
  • “The VVA is my go-to charity when donating items on my clients’ behalf.  They are prompt, reliable, always have room on their truck, and I know the items donated find new homes through their shops.  It makes me very happy to know that the proceeds from the sale of donated items benefits the men and women who serve our country.” – Gayle M. Gruenberg of Let’s Get Organized


Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. Habitat for Humanity builds and repairs houses all over the world using volunteer labor and material donations. You can easily help support their amazing nation wide cause by donating! You can donate your used furniture, home accessories, building materials, appliances and more to the hundreds of Habitat for Humanity ReStores all over the United States. The proceeds are used to build homes, community and hope locally and around the world.


  • “In our area, we have a ReStore where you can drop off unwanted tools, hardware, and most other home improvement related items.  They provide a tax-deductible receipt and sell the items in their store.   When I am working with a client who has these types of items, I encourage them to donate to the ReStore. Since I started my business, I have helped donate anything from doors, barstools, hammers, shop vacs, misc. drawer handles and knobs, and countless other pertinent items.  I feel good about donating to the ReStore because I know the items will be purchased by someone who will put them to good use at a price they can afford AND that the proceeds from that purchase will be used to create a home for someone in need.  It’s a win-win for all!” – Elizabeth Bremer of Put It Simply Organizing
  • “I love Habitat for Humanity. They take all kinds of items like furniture, tools, decorative items, even picked up a washing machine from a client. I also love what they do for our community.” – Beth Giles of NW Organizing Solutions
  • “I have used the local Habitat for Humanity location recently for a client who had household/garage/yard items to donate. It was easy to donate to the local ReStore location with a drive up drop off area and the staff was very happy to accept the items. Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful organization that I recommend to my clients if they need to donate items.” – Susie Marsh of Susie’s Organization Solutions, LLC
  • “I participated in the Habitat for Humanity Global Village build in Bomet, Kenya in January 2013. Habitat made it possible for a family, living in a mud hut in a farming community to realize their dream of owning a home. They also made it possible for 24 individuals from all over the United States to experience the wonders of Africa and to build a home, literally from scratch, for a family in need. Habitat builds happen all over the world, and are made possible by donations and participation from people who want to give back to the community.” – Julie Gutman of Simplify Me, LLC
  • “I always go to the Habitat Store in east Portland. They’re always super helpful, kind and take a good deal of reusable construction materials, including liquids like paints, varnishes, adhesive agents,etc. Most everything I hand in is accepted and my clients get a nice tax receipt.” – Mark Nedleman of Graceful Space Organizing Services
  • “So many of my clients have great materials that need a new home, and Habitat is the perfect solution for them. Good lumber, windows, doors, or even hardware can all be donated and put to good use. For over sized items, they will even send a truck to pick up the donation. I highly recommend donating to Habitat for Humanity.” – Cari Dawson of Cari’s Custom Organizing

Humane Societies & Animal Care Organizations

There are hundreds of Humane Societies and blog-support-animal-charities
Animal Care organizations across the country that are in need of your support. Many Humane Societies even own and operate thrift stores that generates the majority of the funding needed to care for the thousands of homeless animals. When you donate your unwanted items to these organizations, you help them provide so many important services such as shelter for homeless and rescued animals, low-cost spay neuter surgeries for the public, vaccinations, micro-chipping, health care, humane education and most importantly love and care for animals in desperate need of help.
Our member’s testimonies speak for themselves, our local Humane Societies and Animal Care organizations are great causes to consider supporting and donating your unneeded items to!

  • “I have had experience in donating to the
    local humane society and veterinary clinics as well.  They especially like used towels for bedding, etc. and newspapers as well.  As you probably know, many of our clients have problems letting items go without knowing they are going to a worthy project.  I have never had a client hesitate in donating items to those services.” – Mary Frances Ballard of Orderly Places
  • “I am an animal lover, and when I learned our local thrift shop donates all their proceeds to the Metrowest Humane Society, I became a regular. I make it a point to donate all clothing and household items from my organizing clients and from myself as well. When it’s for a cause you believe in, you find yourself looking through your house thinking “what can I get rid of?”, instead of worrying about your unwanted items going to waste.” – Sarah Buckwalter of Organizing Boston
  • “I have so many clients who have donated cat and dog food, cat toys, soft dog treats, pet carriers and gently used bath towels, to our local Humane Society.  It feels so great to know that they are going to a place that could really use our help.  Just check with your local shelter to see what their specific needs are.” –Kate Massie of Organized Beyond Belief, LLC
  •  “It is amazing to me what items are in need by the Humane Society that we all typically have way too many of!  My clients regularly donate pet care items as well as blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies/implements to the Humane Society. Odd things that you don’t think about, that they need, include pill organizers/old pill bottles, laundry detergent, and bed sheets.  I love that we can declutter and help those that cannot help themselves at the same time!” –Elizabeth Bremer of Put It Simply Organizing
  • “Until they find their forever families, these animals rely on the hard-working folks who keep them warm and well fed. The Seriatim team always sets aside linens, towels, or any other relevant supplies for our furry friends, and Animal Care & Control of NYC is one of our favorite spots.” – Sonya Weisshappel of Seriatim Inc.


Among many others, keep these Humane Society organizations in mind when looking for somewhere to donate your extra stuff to:



Also, stay tuned for info on more inspiring charities in the coming weeks!

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