Ready to donate your extra stuff? Your local charities accept many different items ranging from clothing and shoes to home goods, appliances and toys. Take a peak at this general list of common items that many charities accept and are able to put to good use. But remember, every charity is different and has unique donation guidelines. Please be sure to contact the charity directly to confirm what items they accept or do not accept!



  • Men’s, ladies, kids, babys
  • Purses, belts, wallets, accessories, ties
  • Shirts, pants
  • Jackets, sweaters
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry

Household Items

  • acceptable-donations-household-itemsArt and frames
  • Comforters, bedding linens, pillows
  • Draperies, curtains, rugs
  • Dishes, glasses, silverware
  • Baby items
  • Small kitchen appliances


  • acceptable-donations-toysStuffed animals
  • Dolls
  • Sports equipment
  • Board games
  • Action figures

Small Furniture

  • acceptable-donations-furnitureMirrors, nightstands
  • Chairs
  • Small tables
  • Note: Some charities are only able to pick up small items that are able to be carried by one person. While other charities have the capacity to pick up large items. Be sure to contact the charity directly regarding furniture donations.


  • acceptable-donations-electronicsStereos, radio, boombox
  • Cameras
  • Computers, monitors
  • Game consoles – Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation
  • DVD players


  • acceptable-donations-booksMagazines,
  • Fiction, non-fiction
  • Hard cover, soft cover
  • Children’s, adults


  • acceptable-donations-equipmentTools: saws, nail guns, drills, wrenches, hammers, etc.
  • Sporting goods:snowboards, ski equipment, helmets, balls, bats, gloves, etc.
  • Yard tools: lawnmower, shovels, etc.
  • Exercise equipment: weights, bosu balls, kettle bells, etc.

Other Items

  • acceptable-donation-other-itemsBikes
  • Small appliances
  • Small filing cabinets
  • Nic-nacs
  • Building materials

Items That Most Charities Do Not Accept

  • Large furniture: couches and sofas, box springs, Orange sofamattresses
  • Large appliances: washer/dryer, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, stove
  • Other: food, tires, weapons.