Who Are We?

Organizers for Charity was built on the idea that our unwanted items can do good for others. Organizers for Charity provides information on charities who provide free donation pick up services all across the U.S. Each and every one of the professional organizer members are committed to helping you get your home organized while also donating the unwanted stuff to local charities who help make our communities a better place.

What do we do?

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pinterest-about-us1Organizers for Charity connects our communities with the goal of making a difference in the lives of others. Our organization strives to provide free information on inspiring charities and local professional organizers as well as the latest organizing tips, ideas and events. We join you and your community in the hopes of donating our unwanted items to help those in need. Our membership includes professional organizers who have vowed to make a positive impact by donating their clients unwanted items to charity. However, the most important member is you! Every donation of your unwanted household items brings hope and can help local charities make an difference in the lives of those in need.

Why do we do it?

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Pinterest-about-us2When you organize your home and donate the unwanted items to your favorite charity, you are helping to make the community a better place. When we think about others and lend out a helping hand, the results are beneficial to all. It is time to think about how we can help each other out in order to coexist in a happier, more peaceful world. The reason you may be organizing could be to get your life back in order and restore calm in your life. By helping yourself and benefiting your life, Organizers for Charity gives you an opportunity to help others as well. Instead of throwing our unwanted items into the garbage, local charities can give them new life while protecting our environment and helping those in need. Organizers for Charity focuses on efforts to keep our planet beautiful. When we donate, our unwanted items can be re-used rather than wasted and buried in a landfill. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment. If we want our kids and future generations to be able to enjoy what nature has to offer, we must start by conserving and protecting this amazing planet and all of its creatures.

When we organize our lives, the result usually is a pile of unwanted clothes, shoes and other household items. However, just because these items are unwanted at this time in our lives does not mean they don’t have any value or use to someone else in this world. Many other people can find great use for these items. This is the perfect time to reduce, re-use and recycle! We can help you find local charities who make it so convenient to donate, making it easier than ever to reduce the amount of stuff thrown in the landfills. These items can be re-used by someone else in the world who really needs it.