Have you ever wondered what a professional organizer actually does? Well, no need to wonder any more! Professional organizers are people who specialize in getting organized. In fact, they are so good at it, it’s what they do for a profession. Not only do professional organizers help you clear away the clutter in your home and life, but they help you pass on those things you don’t need any more to people who actually do! If your not exactly sure how to effectively sort your kitchen items, organize the closet or store those tools in the garage, professional organizers have been trained to help you get your entire life organized. They use their knowledge and experience to help you simplify and de-clutter your life.

Our members are not only dedicated to getting your life organized, they are also committed to making our communities a better place. These professional organizers connect your unwanted, unnecessary items in your life to charities in your community who will put them to good use. With the help of our Donation Pickup Directory, both you and our professional organizers are able to find local charities who provide free donation pickup services for your unwanted stuff.

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