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Getting organized and need someone to pick up your unwanted items? Check out these local charities and schedule a free donation pick up today. Also, scroll down to find Professional Organizers in your area! [/textblock]

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The Vietnam Veterans of America is an organization committed to serving all Veterans. By donating used clothes, shoes, appliances, and other household items, you help generate funds to take care of the soldiers and service men and women who help keep America safe from harm.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Clothing, Toys, Books, Appliances, Tools, Household Goods and More!

Donate Today! Schedule a free donation pickup with Vietnam Veterans of America

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sealCheck out these Professional Organizers who are committed to donating to Charities in your City!

If you need a little help getting organized, check out our members in and near Waterbury who are happy to use their skills and knowledge to get your life back in order.

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Mary Draper

New Haven, CT | Morning Light Professional Organizing, LLC

A professional organizer and owner of Morning Light Professional Organizing, LLC, Mary Draper specializes in all areas of organization for individuals and businesses throughout Connecticut. Mary brings thoughtfulness, patience and understanding to each situation, while still being direct, focused and creative. Each client’s needs are met with confidentiality, non-judgement, and exceptional customer service. Conscious of the impact on our community and environment, we practice the “green” options of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Mary proudly serves all of Connecticut.

contact | (203) 889-2860 | facebook | twitter


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Brooke Stone

New York, NY | Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management

 At Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management we custom match busy New Yorkers with expert, skilled and savvy personal assistants from our team to help you do more in less time. Our mantra? Have fun, get it done. Brooke and her team proudly serves New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as well as being bi-coastal and international.

contact | (508) 397-4221 | facebook

Why get organized?

Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference in your Waterbury community? What you may not know is that every time you do a little home organizing you have a perfect opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Each of these local charities will gladly put your donations of clothes, toys, books, tools and other household items to good use. When you see those piles of unworn shoes just sitting in your closet, just remember how easy it is to help others in your town by donating.

By donating you are supporting our local charities that provide assistance for those in need. When you donate those unwanted items rather than throwing them away, you are also doing your part to protect our beautiful natural environment. Help keep our forests green and creeks clear simply by donating those extra household items that are only taking up space in your garage. Rather than your unneeded stuff going to waste in some landfill, all of your household items can be reused and repurposed for a good cause.

These local charities make it so easy to donate at your convenience with their free donation pickup services. When you schedule a free donation pickup with one of these inspiring charities, they will gladly pick up your items from your doorstep at your convenience.

If that Waterbury home of yours is just too packed with stuff and you don’t know where to start with that organizing our members are more than happy to help. These local professional organizers are dedicated to helping you get your life back in order. They use their experience and knowledge to get you organized as well as to make a positive impact on our Connecticut communities.

Also check out our blog for great organizing tricks and tips from our members as well as inspiring stories about your local Waterbury charities. And most importantly, donate your unwanted household items today!

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