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Getting organized and need someone to pick up your unwanted items? Check out these local charities and schedule a free donation pick up today. Also, scroll down to find Professional Organizers in your area! [/textblock]

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The Vietnam Veterans of America is an organization committed to serving all Veterans. By donating used clothes, shoes, appliances, and other household items, you help generate funds to take care of the soldiers and service men and women who help keep America safe from harm.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Clothing, Toys, Books, Appliances, Tools, Household Goods and More!

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup with Vietnam Veterans of America

clothingdonations.org | facebook[/textblock]

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Habitat for Humanity believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. Habitat for Humanity builds and repairs houses all over the world using volunteer labor and material donations.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Building Materials, Appliances, Furniture, Tools, Hardware And More!

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup with Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup with Habitat for Humanity of Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro

restorenova.org | habitatsaw.org [/textblock]

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Alive!-donation-pickupAlive! – Alexandria City

ALIVE! serves thousands of Alexandrians annually with shelter, low-cost early childhood education and child care as well as providing financial help, medical care, emergency food, and donated furniture and housewares to those in need.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Furniture, Housewares, Small Appliances And More!

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup in Alexandria with ALIVE!

alive-inc.org | facebook[/textblock]

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The YMCA at Virginia Tech serves all walks of life in their community through education programs, after-school children’s programs, tutoring and many other community services. Their Y Thrift Shops provide support for many local programs within their community.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Clothing, Toys, Books, Household Goods, Furniture and More!

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup in the Blacksburg and Radford area with the YMCA at Virginia Tech Thrift Shops

vtymca.org | facebook[/textblock]

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Youth-Challenge-Donation-PickupYouth Challenge – Newport News

Youth Challenge is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of lives and families that have been devastated by drug addiction and alcoholism.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Clothing, Housewares, Appliances, Furniture and More!

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup in the Newport News area with Youth Challenge Thrift Store

youthchallengehope.org | facebook[/textblock]grey-lines

sealCheck out these Professional Organizers who are committed to donating to Charities in your State!

***Please do not contact the Professional Organizers to pickup your donations. If you would like your donations picked up, please use one of the charities above. ***

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Mary Frances Ballard

Newport News, VA | Orderly Places

I am a professional organizer, speaker and author. The mission of our business is to assist and educate clients in providing solutions to save their time, space and resources. We provide a non-judgmental and compassionate approach to every situation both large and small. Mary Frances proudly serves Southeastern Virginia.

contact | (757) 806-4008 | facebook


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Erin Podbielniak

Richmond, VA | theNeatNiche

At theNeatNiche, we know life can get messy. With only 24 hours in a day, it can seem impossible to get it all done. But the good news is you’re not alone. We’re here to help! Whether you’re struggling to stay on top of to-do’s and email, tired of constantly playing catch-up, or just feeling stressed out by the state of your office or home, it’s time to call in some backup. No matter the space, our Richmond, VA professional organizing services will help you regain control so you can live the life you want. Working together, we’ll ditch the piles and implement customized organizing solutions tailored to work with the way YOU live and work. Organized spaces are key to an organized life – a life that reflects your priorities, goals, and dreams. So if you’re ready to live fully, you’re ready to live organized. Give us a call today! Erin proudly serves the Richmond Metro Area.

contact | (804) 446-4624 | facebook



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Michelle Lopez

Virginia Beach, VA | Space To Be Free

I am an organizer specializing in economically consciousness organizing. I help you declutter your home/office and find a new home for your unwanted clutter with the appropriate place to be reused, recycled and upcycled for the greater good of our planet. Michelle proudly serves Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake areas.

contact | (757) 355-3600 | facebook



Donating in Virginia

Virginia-flagAs we all know, Virginia is covered in beautiful forests. Organizers for Charity would love to keep our forests green and lush. One way to help preserve nature’s beauty is to donate your unwanted household items rather than just tossing them in the garbage. When we get our homes organized we usually end up with unwanted clothing, toys, books and other household items. We encourage you to put those items to good use by donating them to these inspiring charities. Each of these local charities makes it so simple to schedule a free donation pickup on a day that is convenient for you.

If you need a little help getting your home organized, our members are more than happy to lend their expertise. Their skills and experience makes getting organized easier than ever. These professional organizers are also dedicated to making Virginia a better place and helping those in need.

You can also browse our Organizers for Charity blog to find tips and tricks that will help you organize your life as well as inspiring stories on your favorite charities. Check out our professional organizer member’s profiles and their favorite Virginia charities that they love to donate household items to.


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