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Getting organized and need someone to pick up your unwanted items? Check out these local charities and schedule a free donation pick up today. Also, scroll down to find Professional Organizers in your area! [/textblock]

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The Vietnam Veterans of America is an organization committed to serving all Veterans. By donating used clothes, shoes, appliances, and other household items, you help generate funds to take care of the soldiers and service men and women who help keep America safe from harm.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Clothing, Toys, Books, Appliances, Tools, Household Goods and More!

Donate Today! Schedule a free donation pickup with Vietnam Veterans of America

PickUpPlease.org | facebook[/textblock]

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habitatlogoHABITAT FOR HUMANITY of Greater New Orleans

Habitat for Humanity believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. Habitat for Humanity builds and repairs houses all over the world using volunteer labor and material donations.

ACCEPTABLE DONATIONS: Building Materials, Appliances, Tools, Furniture and More!

Donate Today! Set up a free donation pickup with Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Orleans

Or Call (504) 943-2240[/textblock]grey-lines

sealCheck out these Professional Organizers who are committed to donating to Charities in your City!

If you need a little help getting organized, check out our members in the New Orleans area who are happy to use their skills and knowledge to get your life back in order.

Members Wanted – Are you a professional organizer in New Orleans, Louisiana? Contact us today to join! Becoming a member is easy and free, sign up today and your membership profile will be shared here.

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Renée Ory

Lafayette, Louisiana | Amazing Spaces, LLC

Renée has always had an eye for design. She founded Amazing Spaces in 2003 which allows her to combine a lifelong passion for design while creating order by eliminating clutter. We specialize in simplifying spaces by eliminating clutter to enhance lives. By designing custom organizing systems, we help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, time, paper piles, their lives! Renée proudly serves Lafayette, LaPlace and New Orleans.

contact | (337) 296-5506 | facebook


Why get organized?

Just as the Mississippi River can be unpredictable, so can our lives. It is no wonder why our homes get so unorganized and filled with clutter. Between friends, family, work and our busy lives we tend to put off that “spring cleaning”. In reality, it is perfectly fine to do our spring cleaning any time of the year! When you start to organize your home, you will realize you have quite a bit of extra household items that you will need to get rid of. Please don’t just throw these items away. Your extra shoes, clothes, toys, books, tools and other household items can be used to make a huge impact on the lives of those in need.

Our local New Orleans charities are more than happy to put your items to good use in order to continue their support of the people of our community. Each of these inspiring charities provides a free donation pickup service. Any time you have unwanted household items, any one of these charities will come to your doorstep at your convenience.

Not only are you helping these local charities support those in need, you are also helping to protect our natural environment such as that rushing Mississippi river and beautiful wooded areas surrounding New Orleans. All of your donations have the potential to be reused and re-purposed rather than just sitting in some ever growing land fill. We must not take the natural beauty around us for granted, and we urge you to take the simple action of donating your items to help protect and conserve for generations to come.

If you need a little help getting organized, these local professional organizers are more than happy to help. Each of these skilled members of your community is dedicated to using their experience to get your life back in order while also helping to support our local charities.

Also check out our Blog for great organizing tricks and tips from our members as well as inspiring stories about your local New Orleans charities. And most importantly, donate your unwanted household items today!

Don’t live in the city? Not to worry you can donate in Marrero, Harahan, Gretna, Jefferson and other surrounding cities!

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