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What do members do?

When a professional organizer joins Organizers for Charity they make a pledge to their community, clients and themselves. This commitment that our members make declares that when they organize a home they promise to donate the unwanted items to a local charity of their choice. Members also do their part by spreading environmentally conscious organizing ideas and tips as well as recommending local charities through our Organizers for Charity blog!

What does being a member mean?

When you become a member of Organizers for Charity you are joining an organization of professional organizers who are committed to giving back to their community. By donating unwanted items on a small scale in their local community, our members are in turn contributing to the greater good of our planet. Just by doing their part, our members create the opportunity to spread the goal of protecting our planet while helping others.

What are the benefits?

Clients recognize and appreciate their professional organizer’s efforts in organizing their lives while simultaneously helping those in need and helping to preserve this planet’s natural beauty. Organizers for Charity gives professional organizers the ability to share their amazing organizational skills with their community through their personalized profile. Not only does this membership build your clientele, our members are celebrated and honored for the inspiring causes they help support. Did we mention its free!?

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