I wanted to share a few of our new members with the world! Talk about inspiring, read up on a two professional organizers in Oregon who have recently joined our community.

Anne Blumer


Can you say professional? That is just the word to describe Anne Blumer and her inspiring business, SolutionsforYou, Inc. Not only does Anne hold multiple certificates of training as an Level II ADD Specialist, Level II Chronic Disorganization Specialist and a Certificate of Study in Learning Styles and Modalities…(just to name a few)… she also has over 10 years of professional organizing experience! As a mother of two children, she understands “what it takes to organize a busy family and keep a household running smoothly.” On top of all that, Anne is also an author of three organizing books. Thanks Anne for joining our community!

Elizabeth Alter


With eight years of professional organizing experience, Elizabeth Alter is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Using her experience, education and knowledge she “transforms your environment, so that you can live your best life”. By just looking throughout her website that is full of beautiful ocean inspired photos, I could tell that Elizabeth is not only dedicated to “refreshing” her client’s lives, she is also clearly a nature lover like me! Let’s welcome Elizabeth to our community and thank her for helping us spread the word about how donating unwanted items can help those in need and protect the environment.

Stay tuned for future highlights on more of our inspiring new members!

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