Organizers for Charity is a nationwide organization that was founded on the idea that by getting our lives organized, we can actually help those around us!  Many people are unaware that their unwanted clothing, shoes, books, toys and other household items can actually make a difference in the lives of others. Most do not know that there are hundreds of local charities all over the United States that will gladly pick up unwanted belongings for free.

Our community of Professional Organizers are dedicated to donating their client’s unwanted items and are here to inspire you to do the same. Organizers for Charity can connect you with local charities that will pick up your unwanted items for free and gladly use your donations to help those in need. Simply visit our Donation Pickup Directory to find inspiring non-profits who pick up donations in your city and state. If you’re having trouble getting organized and deciding which items you no longer need, you can also find professional organizers in your state who are happy to help you get your home and life organized. Our members will inspire you to clear the clutter in your home. Your extra items can be used to help make your community a better place.

With the help of our members, we strive to inspire our communities to reallocate unwanted belongings into the many organizations in need of such items. From organizations who support our Veterans and homeless to those who support children, animals in need, and more – OrganizersforCharity.org makes it easy and convenient to schedule free donation pick-ups with the local charity of your choice. Rather than searching all over the web to find a charity donation pickup service in your area we have their information listed in one place, making is easier than ever to donate!

Our members understand that by donating our unneeded items, we can make our community a better place as well as help to protect our natural environment. Rather than throwing those unwanted items in the trash, we can give them new life by donating to a local charity. We believe in the importance of spreading sustainability and are dedicated to sharing environmentally friendly ways of living. What started as a simple thought of spreading the word, has become OrganizersforCharity.org – a daily inspiration for people looking to get organized and donate their unwanted household items.

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