Happy New Year everyone! Did you know that January is the national “Get Organized (GO) Month”? It is alright if you didn’t know because we are here to inspire you to Get Organized this month and start 2014 off right.


GO Month is dedicated to raising awareness for the benefits of hiring a professional organizer and being organized as you begin a New Year. Having a fresh start and being organized and ready for the year to come will leave you feeling  great!

We all have New Years resolutions that we intend to keep, but as we know… we sometimes fall off track. Did you know that getting and staying organized can actually help you stay on track with those resolutions? By getting rid of clutter and maintaining an organized home, you will feel ready and energized to take on 2014. Whether you have vowed to exercise more, floss daily, eat healthier, save money, be more eco-friendly, or any other lifestyle change – being organized is key!

When you have an organized household – (such as your closet, kitchen, office, garage and bathroom) – you will spend less time searching and stressing out and more time relaxing and enjoying your home, leaving you with more energy to do great things this year!

Not sure where to begin with your home organizing? Our Professional Organizing members are more than happy to use their skills and knowledge to help you get organized. Let Organizers for Charity help you find talented professional organizers in your area today!

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